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Phrasal Verb Of The Day – Break out

Hi everyone, today’s phrasal verb is break out. How do we use it?

Well, you can use it in cases when something happens suddenly or starts abruptly like a fire, a riot, etc. You can also use it for saying that something is ready for action or use.


  • A riot broke out in prison.
  • Break out the guns, we’re going for a hunt!
  • There’s been a fire break out in the city mall. Firefighters are already there.

Phrasal Verb of the Day – Set off

What do you think set off means? To turn off something? To end something? Well, what it really means is to leave. It’s usually used when you talk about traveling.

Here’s an example:

  • “We’d better set off early tomorrow. We have a long journey.”
  • “We’d better leave early tomorrow. We have a long journey.”

Another one:

  • “Richard will set off at nine o’clock. That means he will be here at 10.30″

Hope it helps!

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