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Phrasal Verb of The Day – Drop off

Drop off is a phrasal verb that has a lot of meanings. We’ll see two of those today.

1. If we want to say that we’ll be leaving someone in a specific place:

  • I’ll drop you off at the airport at 7:30 am. Is that OK for you?

2.  If we want to say something is diminishing:

  • Because the rains this year have been scarce, there’s been a great drop off of the water level in the river.

Hope it helps!


Iron Man 3 Movie Review (part of my FCE writing task)

I had to write a movie review as a part of my FCE writing tasks.  Since I had the chance to watch Iron Man 3 almost two weeks ago, and because I enjoyed the film, I decided to write a review about it. My teacher hadn’t had the chance to correct it yet, so feel free to leave a comment if you find mistakes (or if you didn’t like the film!).

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3, as the name states, is the third installment of this super hero series. The events of the movie develops after those occurred on The Avengers film (which you don’t necessarily have to see to understand what’s going on), and as before, the movie stars Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Tony Stark, Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts), Don Cheadle (Colonel James Rhodes) and some new faces as Guy Pearce (Aldrich Killian) and Ben Kingsley (The Mandarin).

A series of events led Tony Stark to face this new terrorist called “The Mandarin” who is tearing apart his personal world. After a major attack received in his own place, he finds himself alone, with no hi-tech gadgets anymore and equipped only with his wits and engineering knowledge, he sets out on a quest to put things back in their place one more time.

On the plus side, the visual effects of the movie are great. The CGI are out of this world and the fact that you constantly watch Stark putting on and off his suit makes it more believable. The sounds effects are also great, and because the movie features a new director, the soundtrack is more orchestrated this time than the last two films, which had more heavy rock music. I consider this a good twist, but I can imagine people complaining about that.

On the other hand, if you’re not very keen to this super hero stuff, it might not be that enjoyable, and at times, you will find the plot not very consistent.

Overall the movie is entertaining, and definitely, better than it last predecessor; the actors did a great job and at the end, if you like this kind of films, you will not be disappointed.

Stark on his own...

Phrasal Verb Of The Day – Break out

Hi everyone, today’s phrasal verb is break out. How do we use it?

Well, you can use it in cases when something happens suddenly or starts abruptly like a fire, a riot, etc. You can also use it for saying that something is ready for action or use.


  • A riot broke out in prison.
  • Break out the guns, we’re going for a hunt!
  • There’s been a fire break out in the city mall. Firefighters are already there.

My FCE Exam Schedule, Ouch!

Today I’ve got an e-mail from someone of the staff from the institute I’m studying on. The e-mail had two attachments. One of them was about the rules for 2013 FCE exam, and the other was the “Confirmation of Entry and Timetable” for the exam day. They’re official documents from the University of Cambridge (they’re PDFs to be honest, but they have the Cambridge logo!).

I have to admit it kinda shook me off! I mean, I’ve already knew about the length of the exam, but to have it timetabled on a piece of paper was something more… scary, maybe? My exam starts at 8.30 in the morning and it going to finish at 2.48 in the afternoon. Wow… It’s going to be a long day…

Anyway, I know this post is pretty random, but I think that this kind of moments are the bits and pieces that in the end, makes the whole picture look complete. It adds to the overall experience if you will.

So, let’s keep going on!

Phrasal Verbs with ‘Bring’


Bring up = Raise

  • Bringing up children is not an easy job. = Raising children is not an easy job.

Bring round = Make someone conscious (medical)

  • It took the doctors an hour to bring her round again. = It  took the doctors an hour to make her conscious again.

Bring about = Cause 

  • Most of the damage of the farm was brought about by the tornado. = Most of the damage of the farm was caused by the tornado.

Bring up = Mention

  • I hope he doesn’t bring up the embarrassing problem with the car again. = I hope he doesn’t mention the problem with the car again.

Bring in = Introduce

  • The council has brought in  a new system for parking spaces in the city. = The council has introduced a new system for parking spaces in the city.

Bring back = Remember

  • Visiting Italy again brought back lots of sad memories. = Visiting Italy again made me remember lots of sad memories.

Bring down = Reduce

  • The dealers have to bring down the price of their cars. They’re too expensive. = The dealers have to reduce down the price of their cars. They’re too expensive.
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